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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Two Days In London

A rest, from the bike anyway, as I walked the capital's streets and went to the Science museum on Monday and the British Museum on Tuesday.

Now one of the reasons for my eleven months sojourn around the British Isles has been to highlight what we can all do to prevent climate change. So I looked forward to seeing the latest exhibit at the Science Museum on just that. Enjoyed it too; with interesting artefacts and great graphics on the interactive programmes. Well worth the visit and I've taken away with me even more determination to do my 'bit'.

Also had to look in on the Apollo material on view. Always was a favourite of mine, I just wish that I could climb aboard the Apollo 10 command capsule; you know just sit in one of the three seats. How about letting me climb down the LEM ladder? One small step for Gary.

Artefacts of a different kind and age were on my mind when visiting the British Museum. I wanted to see the Olduv[p]ai hand axes. After having been diverted by the Sutton Hoo helmet etc, the Rosetta Stone and all things Egyptian, Roman and Greek, I arrived in the appropriate room to find a lovely lady with three such axes available for one to hold. Beyond my dreams I held each in turn. Aged at around 1.5 to 1.25 million years old, these three were not made by Homo sapiens but by H. erectus or habilis. Each one beautifully crafted and each made of differing stone; the lemon quartz one was exquisite.

Now at Cheshunt awaiting tomorrow's visit to Rye Meads RSPB reserve. Going to be great.

Almost there - well, almost every RSPB reserve visited. I will be at Sandy on Saturday at 10.00am. Before that Fowlmere on Friday.

Then the cycle home and the quest to find three new for the year birds to break Chris Mills' record. I just hope I get a couple of days off for Christmas.

All the best everyone,


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  1. Hi Gary - good on you for getting this far. If you don't beat the record no worries mate - I'd say the PR you've generated for the causes to date and, I suspect, still to come has been far more important. Fingers crossed you get the last 3 though!