Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tuesday 28th - More problems!!

The day started so well. Stayed up for another overnight sitting watching the destruction of the Aussies in the 4th Test [cricket - the World's best sport, away from non Carbon Birding that is].

Got the bike packed up for the final assault on the record with an Iceland Gull at Bartley Reservoir yesterday. The route from my parent's home in Warwick would take me past both my Grandparents' houses from when they were alive as well as the house where I was born. Seemingly fate as a bit of nostalgia on the way pushed me towards destiny [how pomous!] {Actually listening to Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor - Sydney - on youtube as I type so excuse the pretensions}

Bike greased up, tryes pumped up and Sid the frog and Barnaby Bear aboard. Set off.

Seven miles later a puncture. Fixed. The tyre went straight down again. Walked the seven miles back home and spent the afternoon trying to find out why the punctures. tyre off and inner tube checked by me and Dad. No hole. Can't explain why it keeps going down. It still hasn't gone down and I'll try again tomorrow. I WILL GET THESE LAST TWO BIRDS!

Ashes to be retained tonight then back on the road - hopefully tomorrow. Even if I have to walk to the next bird I will.

All the best everyone,

Thanks to all who've Facebooked me. Appreciated.



  1. Gary

    The problem with your tyres is down to the ghost of Don Bradman. He (it?) has become so depressed at what is going on in Australia this Summer that he has left the country and gone back to annoying people in England!


  2. Strange that no sooner that Australia capitulated in the 4th Test, my tyre has started to behave again. As for the ghost of the great Don, wel, he's turning in it at the moment wondering what the **** is going on with Australian cricket. Martin thanks so much for your comments over the year. Maye we can meet up at one of the Tests in three years time and you can show me some of the best birding spots in Oz. All the best and Happy New Year. Gary