Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sandy ...... The Final Reserve!

So here goes.

The last RSPB reserve. Feel very excited about the day and I know I've got a great number of people to thank.

I've seen wonderful things this year and the fantastic people who work for the RSPB have been a privilige to meet. Wardens, assistent wardens, site managers, volunteers, etc, etc, all talented, dedicated and enthusiastic people. My thanks to them all.

In less than an hour the Cycle to Sandy begins from the market place in Potton.

Thanks everyone,


The Biking Birder!!!


  1. Gary

    As you trudge 50 miles through the snow (would a husky team be against the rules?) just think of those less fortunate than you. Specifically the English Cricket team! Sorry mate, I couldn't resist it!

    Your year has been a fantastic effort. Many congratulations for what you have achieved. I hope the bad weather blows a few rarities (from memory, about 5 would be good) within your reach before the end of the year.

    Best regards


  2. Thanks Martin.

    Different pitches for the last two Tests. I'll be thinking of that little trophy staying put. This series will still end happily.

    Happy Christmas