Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Long-eared Owl - bird number 251 Equals The Record

So got to Park Hall Country Park, near Stoke on Trent today and, thanks to the assistant warden, Patrick, saw a superb LEO. I even got a photo.

The non motorized record is now equalled with one day to go?

Destiny? Wait and see. Here's hoping.

All the best everyone.



  1. Hello there.

    I am the guy you met today at sandwell from bolton. Well done on your mission. Superb. Its a pity your bike computer got stolen. I would want to know how far i had cycled. Congrats on the leo. I just hope you get the iceland gull to beat the record. You deserve it after all the effort you put in. Best wishes. Dennis atherton :-)

  2. Thanks Dennis. Hope you enjoyed Sandwell Valley. Now to do the blog to describe the final journey. All the best and Happy New Year.