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Friday, 11 March 2011

RSPB - Stepping Up For Nature

The more isee of the RSPB the more I am impressed. They really are a fabulous conservation organisation with the best people throughout.

On Wednesday of this week I was priviliged to attend the reception being held in london for the start of their biggest campaign ever - Stepping Up For nature.

For more details go to the RSPB's home page at and click on the amazing picture of a tiger. The picture is made up of thousnads of the names collected during last year's Letter for the Future campaign. 355,773 signatures were collected and delivered to 10 Downing Street by two wonderful children, Dominik Reynolds and Charlotte Handing.

Please have a look at the RSPB blogs about the day at :-

Dominik was later the absolute star of the shop with a breathtakingly good speach delivered to a room full of people. Now remember that Dominik is only ten [Yes Dominik I have remembered that it is your birthday on Monday and you'll be 11. Happy birthday Superstar!!!] Dominik was there with his Mum, Kerry, a really lovely lady and she must be so proud of him He was GREAT!

Two lovely ladies, Joan and Gill also gave a talk about their role in the Cliffe campaign in North kent. A brilliant pair these two. I really enjoyed meeting them and talking with them over my experiences of the North kent reserves last year. They live in a great birding area and it's worthy of protection. There are talks of Cliffe airport being looked at again. We've got to get together and fight that.

I had my turn and I tried without the aid of a written speech. I had written down lots of notes and had 6 main things i wanted to say. I probably got a little excited but I do hope that what i said about the RSPb hit a cord with the people who are going to campaign on all of our behalves.

In the evneing we all met the amazing Kate Humble. A energetic, articulate celebrity and an honour to chat with. Her talk was eloquent and well received; as was that of the Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman.

There's so much I could add but I'll let the professionals say it all on the blogs on the RSPB website.

PLEASE have a good look at the campaign. Everyone can do there bit to


and with the challenges ahead we need everyone to do so.

One last thing  . . . .