Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tuesday 29th December Radio and Cricket

Which has been the most exciting aspect of today - the 6 wickets haul by England against South Africa or the privlige of being on Ed Doolan's radio show on BBC radio WM? Both in different ways. Screams and leaps greeted each wicket, as Swann and Broad got 3 apiece. Ed Doolan was gentle, humble and soncere and this was the best radio interview so far.

Phone Midlands Today in the afternoon and at this moment await a reply over whether they'll be there for the start of my journey. had lost the email from Louise Pedersen so used the web to find the phone number. Liz Goddard answered and gave an email for me to send the press release.

It's been a lovely last few days with friends getting in touch and pressies given and received. The website seems to be practically there. Not quite the right size on some computers, at least all the links work properly now.

Thanks go to CLEY SPY. they've donated a tripod carrier to me. I'm very grateful and know that it will get a lot of use. The carrier will be either returned or sold at the end of next year. If sold then the money will be donated to the charities that I am supporting.

No snow; well not yet anyway. Here in Bromsgrove it's raining and cool [3 degrees C] but snow has been promised. Just don't want it to be here on Friday.

Friday Sandwell Valley RSPB reserve. The official start at 11.00am but i'll be setting off on the bike from my Sister Donna's house in Romsley near to Halesowen. Mum's worried but she needn't be. Everythings ready and I know I'll be fine.

Last day with my 2 children, Rebecca and Joshua, tomorrow. Love them both.

So now recent birding to report upon. Mind you a raven over Tesco''s car park this morning was good for Redditch.

Thank you to everyone who's emailed support. Special thanks go to those people who have offered this complete stranger a bed for the night. i am so grateful and it's people like you that will ensure the success of Biking Birder 2010. Thanks.