Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Good news and some bad, well for me anyway!

Well now at Old Hall RSPB reserve with a feeling of Deja vu. I've been here before - yesterday in fact. Today is the 9th of December and I've already seen Rossi, the ring-billed gull (bird 249 for the year)and visited Wallasea Island RSPB reserve. Yet I'm back at Old Hall Marshes.


I missed out a reserve!!!

Stour Estuary RSPB reserve should have been visited after Wolves Wood and before Old Hall Marshes. I forgot so this afternoon was spent cycling back in the direction thereof. Southend to Wallasea Island. Then onto Maldon and a rest at Old Hall Marshes. Still 30 miles to cycle to get to the Stour Estuary reserve.

Blame it on the cold, my age or the fact that I am cream crackered.

Anyway I will be there tomorrow and from there it's a jaunt of 50 miles or so to Rainham to keep a promise made last January.

Thank you to Clare, Christine and Trevor (and family) for their donations.

Also thanks to the hotel Gleneagles in Southend for a great B and B last night. Lovely people.

All the best everyone



  1. No!!!!

    Wilma's face has gone from my followers.

    I'm going to start a 'Bring Wilma's Face' campaign.

    Love to all



  2. You're getting there Gary!

    we're all rooting for you back in Sea Palling...

    Tim, Holly, Eleanor, Ben... and Albert!

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  4. gary glad to see yous still going strong mate. was really peeved to hear that someone took your gear etc.remember you will always be welcome over here mate. and God willing we will get to see you again you take care keep your head up there are more good people in this world than prats like those who nicked your home as you head towards finish line. blessings sid, janet and william.

  5. Hi Gary - almost there hope you have survived the snow and cold and get those last three birds With best wishes for the rest of your journey from chilly Orkney x Louise, Alastair, Mollie and Ellen