Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 - A New Year and a New Dream

So it's now 2013.

Last night I gave a talk to a wonderful group of people, namely the Solihull Rspb Group. I detailed that fabulous year I had cycling around all of the RSPB and WWT reserves in 2010.

Which brings me to the new dream.

The itinerary is done, the route mapped out and visas/health insurance found out about.

So what's the dream and when does it start. I'll tell you all but don't spread the news - yet!

January 1st 2014 - The USA. All of the Audubon reserves starting with their science centre on the Florida Keys. 2014 to finish in Houston after a cycle ride up the East coast, across to Wisconsin and down the Mississippi and then back to Briatin for a repeat of the 2010 cycle tour only with modifications to try to see 300 bird species in the year and then back to the US for 2016 to finish off that tour by cycling from Houston to California.

Will it happen. I hope so. 2013 to be spent saving up the necessary funds and birding in my usual way.

Now I would love it if you could send me your thoughts.

Can you please either email me at

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gary prescott chester college.   Maybe become a 'friend' on there. It would be wonderful to hear from you.

Right, that's said. Off to sleep! Too excited.

All the best and a belated Happy New Year