Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Scotland land of heavy rain. In the tent on the bank of the clyde by the rspb reserve here and using my new iPhone,hence the shortness of tonight's blog. Visited the rspb Glasgow office today and must say thank you to Norman and Neil for their welcome. Norman also showed me some broad leaved helleborines! Amazing to see such wonderful flowers near the centre of the city.

Tomorrow will get to lochwinnoch rsn reserve and if the weather improves will have fun cycling with some of the people there.

All the best everyone.

Gary. 07988754090


  1. it doesn't always rain in Scotland! :)

  2. Sorry lenbot. I didn't mean to imply that it does. In fact the rain has mainly been overnight, just like last night and actually I love it. The noise on the tent, the associated wind; all of it makes it far more interestig than day after day of boring sunshine and hot temperatures. My favourite temp is around 18C so it's perfect here and the way the wind from a north easterly at 4.00am this morning to a strong north westerly by 7.00am is brilliant. So dynamic. I've got 3 months of being in Bonnie Scotland and believe me I'm so excited to be here. All the best,