Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Rest and boy do I need it.

First let me say thank you to a number of people  met on my last phase [and I never forget a phase] around North Wales and the North West.

In no particular order because my notebook with names disintegrated,:-

My very sincere thanks go to these people for maybe donating to one of the charities I am supporting or just for a lovely meeting and chat - or both and more.

Mark and Jo from Sheffield. [ see their blog ] Brilliant couple!

The 3 lads at the pub in Rufford - Jason, Ben and Dave. Great lads and all the best to you. Thanks for the kind offer - I had a sandwich from the Co-op further down the road!

Sarah Lapsley - triathlon athlete met at Christ Church, Southport, lovely lady who, unlike me, looked super fit and Louise from St Helens, a kind older lady also met there. In fact this was the church where I first got married almost 30 years ago. Let's say it was a spiritual return and maybe a plea for forgiveness to all involved in that marriage.

All the above gave cash donations for Asthma UK and this has been given to Asthma UK through my Just Givng site.
John White [thanks so much for donating to the RSPB, the WWT and Asthma UK] and Nathan and Jan.

Ted Preece and Michael Davenport who I met at the fabulous Inner Marsh Farm RSPB reserve.

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