Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 30 July 2010

Glennfinnan and Harry Potter

26th July 2010

Decamped and rode into Fort William. Won't dwell on the MP3 THIEF!!!!!

Right, got that off my chest.

Rain and drizzle as I cycled down the road towards Glenfinnan but arrived there during a drier patch. Had seen 10 scotch argus butterflies just before reaching here.
Not a bad photo that. Shame I can't get the same sort of images of the birds that I'm seeing.

Glenfinnan famous for ...... Harry Potter. Had been here 16 years ago when some Highland games were taking place and a bagpipe player stood next to the statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Now nearly everyone wanted to see a train go over the large railway viaduct. Why? A scene from a Harry potter movie. That was why people were standing on a hillside waiting for such an event to occur and the train itself didn't disappoint. Slowing down and hotting a long steam trail as it went over.

As a member of the New Zealand National Trust, I climbed to the top of the statue's tower to admire the views down the loch.
Then set off again. Rain. A brief stop for tea in a glass bus shelter and on again into the rain before reaching Glenuig. Now I didn't know that there's a village hall in Glenuig where the weary traveller can stop for coffee and a shower. Instead I ended up sheltering from the rain inside  . . . . . .
Now this photo doesn't capture the full elegance fo my place of residence. That bit of newspaper you can see on the floor covers masses of sheep dung. The attraction was that it was dry and there was a pile of the prveious day's newspaper ready to be read. So I did! And there I slept, scared of falling off the narrow bench down onto the . . . . . .

Items of news in the said papers :--

Blackpool shirt sponsors offer loans at 2689 % APR. Let's hope they go down and the company go bust. Surely that should be illegal. I'm sorry Blackpool fans but to promote a company which 'offers' such obscene rates is just that - obscene.

FIFA made $2 billion profit from the World Cup yet the footballs are made by people on less than $2 a day wages.

I liked the article about Alistair Brownlee [who?]. You know the World Triathlete champion. When asked if it was a little rough in the water with the other competitors, he said "if any little *it gets near me I'm just going to kill him."

On that note

Thank for reading folks.

All the best


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