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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Caerlaverock to Dumfries

5th July Monday 2010.

Brilliant, polite and fun-filled boys came to Caerlaverock to take part in a morning of fun activities centred around birds. Mike, the warden joined in and at one moment some of the wonderful lady staff joined us all to sing the song - 3 Rs - It's a Magic Number!

An albatross on the floor was ceeated using the boys as wings and Mike as the body. demonstrated the wingspan of this magnificent bird whose numbers are dwindling.

Outside to pond dip and points for each creature caught.

Final scores were totted up and the winner with 129 points was ----- OWEN.

Massive thanks to both Nathan and Owen for coming along and also to Mike Youdale, Pam Mundy, Rosy Rutherford and Peter Williams.

So the end of a fabulous visit to the wonderful WWT Centre at Caerlaverock. Thanks to one and all. Must go again when the barnacles are there in the winter.

After a short visit to Dumfries centre, met Sally Hichcliffe and followed her to her cottage in the middle of nowhere; stopping by Routin Bridge and findng a well concealed spotted flycatcher nest with 4 young. Chatted with Margaret and Billy, a couple who had also stopped there to adrmire the waterfalls.

Once at Sally's house met her partner, Paul, and went to their garden pond/lake where blue-tailed, azure and emerald damselflies were in residence.

Sally is the author of a novel, OUT OF A CLEAR SKY; the story of a birdwatching girl who is stalked by someone apertaining to be the same.

Indeed at the moment I look forward to morning rain so that I have the excuse to stay in my tent and read it.

Read the reviews on Amazon, following this link and you'll see why I don't want to put it down.

It was so kind of Sally and Paul to put me up for the night and their company was much appreciated.

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