Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thursday 18th march 2010 - Greylake and West Sedgemoor, Somerset

2 spoonbill greeted me at Greylake, after I'd pushed the bike over along the footpath crossing the marshland near to the site of the last battle to occur in England. I'd visited the memorial at Westonzoyland to the Battle of Sedgemoor, where the rebels under Monmouth, was defeated by King James' army. I'd also been in the church with many excellent display boards detailing the event.

Had a stoat charging at me along the footpath; until it saw me, reared up and turned to leg it the other way.

Greylake - 21 egrets, a marsh harrier and the 2 very close and very active spoonbills. Spent the night nearby!

Early morning and a peregrine, a merlin [number 154], 2 marsh harriers, a kestrel and 3 buzzards were seen. The spoonbills came in again at around 7.20am and the forecast rain hadn't arrived. In fact it never did; well not up until now anyway.

Visited the Willow and Wetland Centre before cycling along a 'deja vue' road. I'd been here before - black-throated thrush a few years ago. Curload. I remember it well.

Found the RSPB reserve at West Sedgemoor. Not what I'd expected; turned out to be an oak wood on a hill. Herons in their nests on view from a hide and various titmice and nuthatch seen. A chiff chaff was also here.

Thanks everyone for keeping with me on this all.

Best wishes,


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