Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 5 March 2010

Eden Project Thurs/Fri March 4/5th Biking Birder

A cold night, very cold camping at Colliford Lake but saw the male lesser scaup both before 'retiring' and upon rising. Obligingly it flew towards me and landed just in front of me. The day, Thursday, had started with a cycle ride to Roadford Lake to see the ring-necked drake; also seen well. This now puts me onto 149 for the year.

The Eden Project, so good I thought I'd go twice. Actually if you pay to go in once and get your card registered you can go as many times as you like for the rest of the year. Well worth it too and I particularly enjoyed the very tame grey wagtails in the tropical rainforest. Well, that and the Cornish Pasty.

A cold night spent in the tent again, adjacent to the Project grounds gave me 17 specie of birds inc tawny owl, sparrowhawk and a female great spotted woodpecker drumming on the metal part at the top of a telegraph pole. Made a better sound i suppose. Also saw a badger; all these from my sleeping bag, as I wasn't going to get out of it with the heavy ground frost all around!

Thanks to those who have made donations. Please do so on my website  where  justgiving  links direct you to your chosen charity.

I'll be cycling up the North Cornwall coast over the next week; needing to be at Isley marsh, Devon by Saturday next [the 13th].

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