Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Can't count Dots! Somerset Wednesday 17th March

The dots in question were probably the reported velvet scoter and scaup out on the Bristol Channel at Stolford. Only 2 ducks out there. One was definitely a scoter sp. The other one wasn't but without a 'scope I couldn't get the detail on either of them needed to count the, Oh well, I'll hopefully see both species sometime during the year.

Saw England's tallest tree, a Douglas fir, yesterday. All alone at the Tall Tree place just south of Dunster. Taller than Trafalgar Column, so it says on the plaque there. Lots of siskins stinging about.

Cycled to Blue Anchor and studied the rocks. The cliff has a major change from a clay-like brown, soft rock to a harder grey cliff with peachy quartzite streaks.

I do hope that Patrick from Bridport made it! I met him at Stolford at 5.00pm and pointed him in the right direction for Burnham; a place he'd canoed past hours ago to get to where he was. He'd canoed down from Chepstow and was heading for Taunton but had missed the entrance to the River Parrot. Hope he made it.

A night in a wood beside a busy A road. The dawn chorus, lovely at 5.00am gave up as the traffic started to pass.

Right 2 minutes left on the internet at this library. £1.20 for 20 minutes. Somerset the most expensive library internet service yet.

All the best everyone,


Back - quite a lot better thanks.


  1. Hi Gaz
    re - west sedgemoor the heronry is at the beginning of the reserve at the top of the hill. The main reserve is below and is a massive grazing marsh (I visited it when Stuart croft was working for the RSPB ) brilliant wild place). Stay safe mate. Speak soon cheers John KRO

  2. cheers Garry
    stayed that night at burham-on-sea got stuck most of the next day surround by ducks on the mud estuary- following tide rocketted the craft up the parrot... got picked up near taunton as it started to rain. phew!
    will b getting meself a pair of binocullars
    regards patrick xxx