Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday - Sunny Monday - Minehead Somerset 15th March 2010

Happy Birthday Sis! 21 today, 21 today - we wish!

Awoke to the sound of bramblings. A pair in the beech tree above the tent. Poked my head out to look and found a frostly scene with the sun just rising. Had found the corner of a field just east of Exford on Exmoor. Tawny in the night and a wader call I didn't recognise.

Yesterday had been a day of contrasts. Golden plover to wake me from my slumbers, also from the tent just outside Braunton, Devon. Explored the amazingly large sand dunes at Braunton Meadows and had then cycled to the RSPB reserve, number 43, at Chapel Wood. Indeed it does have a ruined chapel. Goldcrest, titmice, ravens, buzzard and a very hard to discern hill fort. Met an RSPB girl who I'd met before at Arne 2 weeks ago. What's this - are they checking up on me?

The rest of the day was spent cycling to my sleeping spot on the moors with amazing views of Lundy and the Taw Estuary as the sun went down.

Back feeling a bit better but that may be the tablets.

All the best everyone.


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