Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 28 January 2011

RSPB Garden Birdwatch Weekend

A weekend to relax and see Mum and Dad. Also it's the RSPB Garden Birdwatch weekend so an hour will be spent watching and recording. Nice to see Emily Sanders name on the School Birdwatch page's blog links. Met her at Sandy last year and she had organised the people who met me that day and contributed to it being so memorable.

Hope you're all having a go, well if you live in the UK that is. If you don't then why don't you have a go in your garden. I'll post what species we have and compare notes if you want. Hope you do and will.

Mum and Dad's garden is small but does have a couple of bird tables and a few feeders, half apples and the like dotted around it. Satrlings are the most common, with goldfinches not far behind them. Also house sparrows, collared doves, song thrush, blackbird, great and blue tits, dunnock, wood pigeon, wren and occasional lesser redpoll. Can I count what flies over?

On there's now over 300 of my photos from last year. Sorry for the lack of birds but some of the views are stunning. Having a great time going through them all; so many memories.

Seeing these photos has made me realise how many cathedrals, castles, stone circles, famous sites and places I visited. How many birds, moths, butterflies, orchids, mammals, flowers, ferns and other wildlife I saw. How strange I didn't see a live snake!

I migth have to do a list of them all someday.

All the best everyone.


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