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Monday, 17 January 2011

Back to Work and a New Book - The Biggest Twitch

Busy at work after such a lovely welcome back from pupils and staff. Don't feel bad about the 'daily grind' [nowhere need a grind] as it's the next step on the way to the next project.

Last night sat going through my notebooks and found yet another bird that I'd had last year - great reed warbler near Ilkeston. Must be old age! How could I forget that bird. Had brilliant views of it as it sat out on a reed, bending it down almost to water level. So the year list last year was 253. I don't think there'll be any more gems that I've forgotten.

Have spent some of the weekend enjoying the cricket, England v. Australia 50 overs. Despite the loss, really enjoyed the game despite the 3.30am start. Also have placed a lot of photos onto If you want to see them then please use this link:-

Now please remember that I didn't have a super camera with long, phallic lens; only a small but indestructible digital camera. I can remember it bouncing along the road just before Anglesey last year. It still worked fine. So there won't be stunning close up of birds. Insects yes, some orchids to but mainly it will be the places and the poeple met, once permission has been granted. Now I took around 10,000 photos last year so I'll be putting a few on at a time. lot of sorting to do.

Also have sorted out the total raised for charities last year and here I must say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who did make a donation. I haven't yet figured out how i can thank you personally via the names on the JUST GIVING website but I will do so once I've figured that out. In the meantime please accept my most sincere thanks. The total as of today is £3,600.

Right, it's lunchtime and the pupils are about to come back in from their dinner so must be off.

Thanks everyone,

all the very best,


PS. shame the slaty-backed gull was a weekend lifter. Would have been great to go back to Rainham RSPB reserve again. As if it was long time since I was last there. [Yes, I intend to do a few 'carbon twitching' trips this year.

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