Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 18 February 2011

Off to see a Turtle Dove - hopefully!

Haven't been birding for a bit but tomorrow will change that as Ste' and I will be joining the early morning Chipping Norton queue to try to pay our fivers to see the Rufous turtle dove. Fingers crossed.

Busy at school and have a really enjoyable time. despite that I've been working on a few cycling dreams. Well it keeps me motivated. See what you think. Pie in the sky at the moment but so was last year at first.

1. Cycle to Sumatra where the RSPB have their only foreign reserve. Now what way to go? Overland via the Ukraine and the Himalayas or over the sea? Fun planning and oh what birds on the way.

2. Audubon Centres in the US. Around 100 of them. Would it be possible to cycle to them all?

As I said, dreams but we have to have them.

Speaking of dreams . . ..

Have just watched the Susan Boyle 'Dream' song again on youtube [59,000,000 views!!!]. From it found a lnk to a beautifully sad piece of artwork. Have a look at

and see what you think.

Seems to be a theme this week as I also spent an evening watching the dvd of Days of Glory.

Have also finished reading both the romantic and sensitive book by Rory Mcgrath - Bearded Tit, thank goodness it ends happily, and Alan and Ruth Davies' Biggest Twitch. In fact this book was so good I got to the end and started reading it again. Wonderful. What a fabulous couple they must be. Such love for each other is inspiring.

Earth Hour is coming up soon. I love it, watching the images of cities having their one hour of Green concern, turning off those lights and going dark.

One last thing - sorry to everyone for the spelling errors on the blog last year. I've been going through it to add to my notes for a book I'm writing about last year and I'm disappointed by how many errors my text contains.

Right time for dreams.

Love to all,

Save the planet.

Gary x


  1. Will always forgive spelling errors and grammatical mishaps in a blog like yours - especially given the circumstances in which you were blogging, grabbing moments between cycle rides, catching up when you could and your various incidents along the way. It didn't detract from hearing about your adventures and your increasing bird count.

  2. Thanks Clare. Nice to hear form you. How are things down your way? Thanks so much for your help last year.