Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Saturday, 8 January 2011

I have broken the Non motorized Record!

It's 4.40am and I'm awake! Couldn't sleep so I'd decided to transfer birding notes onto my computer. Came across my original possible bird list, created before last year. On it was 287 bird species from divers to buntings. Well I started deleting birds I missed and added the ones I'd not expected, for instance hobby was removed; didn't see one and syke's warbler was added. Finished it and the total was 252. A new British record. I've read it through again and again; can't see any mistakes. Now I've got to go through all my notebooks and find out which bird wasn't listed. I'll put the whole list out on Monday for you to see. If only I'd realized this on the last day.

Upton Warren work party today. Will be good to be back on my patch. At the moment my year list, non motorized of course, is on 41.

Thanks everyone.