Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Thursday 6th October - Goodbye Shetland

5.30 ferry and then off to Aberdeen for the morning.

Last morning at Sumburgh but nothing new bird wise. was thrilled to see four friends from Worcestershire - the Upton Birders. They've been mopping up with every rare bird available and had seen a few that I'd missed. Oh well. Great to see them.

After having seen the Upton birders I met Dennis Coutts this morning with his friend Ian Cumming. Had wanted to meet Dennis because not only of his fame as a birder but also he knew well my late friend Gordon Barnes. We talked and laughed for about half an hour before time pressed on and it was time for me to start the journey north to Lerwick.

Thanks to Neil Alford, Mel Billington, Dennis Coutts, Ian Cumming and Jim [Sumburgh farm] for their donations.

Thanks to Roger, Paul, Graham, Gary, Steve and Dennis for their birding chat and help.

Thanks to Helen and Newton at Sumburgh RSPB Reserve.

Thanks to everyone at the Shetland Community Bike Project.

Thanks to Jim at Sumburgh Farm.

Thanks to Jim and Florrie, Darren and Angela, , Stewart and Trinona, all the children and staff at Fair isle School, Dave at South Lighthouse, the people of Fair Isle bird obs - especially Jack and Deryk, and many many thanks to Neil and Pat, together with the lads of the Good Shepherd.

Thanks to the girls [and boy] of Scatness Archaeological site - Theresa, Teresa, Jane and John.

Thanks to Farhead at Lloyds bank, Lerwick and many thanks also to Ann and Hugh.

You've all made my time on Shetland and fair Isle so very special.

They may regret me saying this but I've got to come back here.

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  1. Hi Gary,

    We at the Scatness Dig really enjoyed meeting you and taking time out for coffee. Hope you do come back some day. Catch you later.
    Living History Development Worker
    Old Scatness Broch & Iron Age Village
    Shetland Isles