Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Monday, 4 October 2010

I love Shetland!

Fabulous people. Exciting weather and brilliant birds.

Now on 233 for the year with arctic and sykes warblers and red breasted flycatcher since last blog. Fetlar was wild with storm force ten winds with rain to match . Found rosefinch there but couldn't get enough on a possible american golden plover to count it. It was ducked down in the grass avoiding the gale. Oh well!

At sandgarth met a fabulous couple, Tony and Beth. What they have created with their garden is one of the best birdy habitat creation areas I've seen. A yellow browed warbler proved how good it could be. Lovely couple. Speaking of great couples, thanks again to Hugh and Ann Arthur for putting me up for the night. Married for over 40 years, they're the couple I'd always wanted to be with my wife.

Today back towards sumburgh despite a strong wind in the face. Saw not only a mega rare sykes warbler but also four great friends from my patch in worcestershire, upton Warren. Brilliant to see them.

So 19 to go to beat the record and although I don't want to leave shetland, I must be at aberdeen soon; Thursday in fact!

Thanks to Graham from chorleywood for his kind donation to the WWT. Nice to meet you.

Love to all.



  1. Nice one Gary. Tell the lads it will be an easterly at Upton at the weekend and they're bound to miss a goodn dropping in! All the best,

  2. Hi Gert [I'll get off my knees now that I've worhipped you for the bike!]. Just seen the Upton lads at Grutness. Seems they've cleaned up on everything that's been available here. Advantage of a car over a bike but I feel very happy with what I've seen. Need a pec' though and nice to see that the one is still at the Warren.
    All the best,
    See you at the January work party or at sandwell Valley on the 31st of December, the official stop line, if you're free.

  3. Hi Gary - nough said about the bike already! Am planning to be there on the 31st - should be downhill all the way for you soon! By the way - will be attempting to travel to Upton by bike only in future - have written about it in my blog - - so am committed now!