Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Now on the way to Fairburn Ings - Thursday 28th October

Arrived at Wheldrake Ings yesterday at around 11.30am and had a relaxing day. Thrilled to meet an Upton Warren birder Tim Jones who's moved up to York University. [Thanks for the donation Tim and good luck at Uni'] We were both here to see an american wigeon and after a few hours of enjoying peregrines and common ducks and geese, the am wig was found and three great lads let me have goodish views through their scopes. Bird 240 for the year. 12 to go for the record.

Had had a seawatch Tuesday early on but not a lot seen. A woodcock off the sea, a couple of unid'd skuas and a few fieldfare coming in. Rain was falling so an invite back to Richard Bains house with Ben Green [artist and Villa fan- good lad!] and Duncan Poyser, for a warming cup of tea was welcome. It's great to be in the company of birders for a couple of hours. Guess what the conversation was about?

Over to Phil Cunningham's house to collect the bike and stuff that had been left there during the seawatch. Thanks to his Mum in Law and her brother, Brenda and Jack, for the donation.

Early morning rise to get to Fairburn Ings today. Lovely to meet Paul Doherty and his directions were perfect. Great bloke.

Right time up at the library.

All the best to everyone. 2 months to go.



  1. Nice to catch up Gary, hope you managed to find your orange juice on the bridge okay! Best of luck for the rest of the journey and see you on the 31st!

  2. Missed the juice. No wonder I was thirsty. Good to see you Tim. Good luck at Uni.