Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Monday, 6 September 2010

Soaked and cold, Tent collapsed overnight at Forsinard.

29th August 2010 - Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Don't know what time the weather changed in the night but I do know that the strong gale and heavy rain caused the tent pole to snap and that I was soaked when it all woke me.

Got up around 5.00am and found a sort of waiting room shed on the railway station platform nearby. Sat in there wrapped in a silver survival blanket and with everything spread out to try and dry things.

Colin, the RSPB information officer, opened up the visitor's centre at 9.00am and I then spent the morning squeezing the water from my clothes, sleeping bag and Sid, Albert and Barnaby, my three cuddly toys. Colin and his wife Sue, were fabulously helpful in putting various items in their tumble drier. Many thanks for that.

Still blowing a gale outside and occasional showers rushed past. Did manage to have a walk around the trail in the afternoon and saw emerald damselfly and a number of interesting plants and caterpillars. It's great how the trail is set up with benches and slabs to keep one from sinking into the peat.

Away at 5.00pm, off down the road to eventually camp at its far end sheltering from the strong NW breeze behind a small conifer plantation.

What a day!


  1. Gary

    How have you fixed the tent pole? Good luck - from Australia!


  2. From Australia!? Great to hear from you. Tnt ole fixed very scientificaly - a small piece of copper tubing and a lot of insulation tape. It's been holding u so far but can see a few other places where the pole ends are fraying. If anyone knows of any more permanent solution I'd be grateful.
    Now Martin, how did you get to find my blog? Also are you a birder in Oz and if so where's your patch and what do you see? If you prefer to email then my address is
    All the best, mate and I only hope we bring the Ashes home with us; or at least the first ball doesn't go to second slip!

  3. Hi Gary,

    Hope you arrived in Fair Isle safely!! Were you sick?? Really enjoyed our chocolate today, thanks heaps. Hope to see you on your return Thursday. Take care and enjoy the Island, it is a wonderful place. Very jealous! All the best Theresa (Old Scatness)