Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Monday, 6 September 2010

A Long Ride to Forsinard - 28th August 2010

Awoke to a strange whinig note like that one gets occasionally in your ears. Well I do anyway. I la in my bag wondering what it was and images of Emma Peel investigating the sound came to me, luckily. I always fancied her as a teenager. The Avengers. Couldn't see myself as Steed mind you. Remember her close fitting black leather suit?

Back to the point. The sound turned out to be eminating from the nearby wires on the fence here, vibrating as the strong wind hit them. Such a pure note.

So strong westerly winds and a few heavy showers to start the day. Now some of you will realise that I am now extremely paranoid about wind. Which way would I be going today? - west! Case proved. Not paranoid - God wants me to struggle.

Bettyhill reached and lunch taken in the sunshine, the shower clouds giving me a break. Then a superb museum visited : Strathnaver. Spent a couple of hours in this fabulous converted church finding out about the Highland Clearances and photographing the many artefacts here; neolithic implements, grave slabs and even a St Kildan post boat!
Eventually searched the nearby bumblebee meadow whilst eating some fresh picked puffballs.

Superb views over Dunnet Head to the Orkneys seen from various viewpoints along the road.

Carried on and eventually got to Forsinard RSPB reserve, put my tent up nearby and enjoyed the kitchen facilities with one of the wardens, Danni.

Settled down for the night comfortably in my sleeping bag.

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