Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 10 September 2010

The Gales Back - 10th Septemenber 2010

Well not first thing this morning. I would describe it as fresh.

Goodbye to Julian and his daughters, then to a footpath beside a stream near to the airport the name of which |I know not.

Still a couple of migrants knocking about but nothing like yesterday :

1 garden warbler, 3 spotted flycatchers, 1 willow warbler and 1 chiff chaff, 2 reed buntings as well as many swallows tazzing about.

Then over to Shapinsay and a visit to the MILLDAM RSPB Reserve. By now very windy and a sharp shower didn't hit me because I was tucked up in the RSPB hide. Great view of the loch from in there which had c.600 teal, c.500 wigeon and gadwall, shovelor, mallard, c.250 greylag and a superb ringtail hen harrier.

Back to the quay where the largest woodland in Orkney may be found beside a large castle. Nothing noted in there of the bird variety, a few wood pigeons, a couple of wrens and blackbirds but three red admirals were seen.

Now about to get the ferry to Westray. I had thought of going over to North Ronaldsay but that ferry is cancelled.

Speaking of cancelling ferries; if metcheck is right for what they are predicting at the moment then it could be record wind speeds for Lerwick on Tuesday to Thursday next week. They predict speeds from 254 to 301 mph! I think they may be a bit off, well I certainly hope so.

Thanks to Dollina of Toab Post office for her donation to Asthma UK this morning.

All the best everyone.

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