Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 17 September 2010

6 days waiting to get to fair isle .............. So

Hello mudder, hello farder,
here I am at grutness harbour
I'm on Shetland life's so brimmin
if the tide bursts in
i'M sure to drown while swimming

north wind gale force
hail is stinging
rain is pouring
to bike clinging
it's so cold here
mid September
how many days I've Been stuck here
I can't remember!

If the wind here would stop blowing
there'd be be new birds I'd be knowing
in the gardens and the stingers
I'd be counting them on more than just 5 fingers

take me home oh mudder farder
I'll not roam won't go no farther
can't you see this weather frightens me
there's only rabbit for my tea

take me home oh mudder farder
let me phone you know I'd rather
be back home from there I would not stray
at least until a sunny day

There's been no birds worth recording
just surviving life's not boring
all the people so delightful
and the sheep here make the Welsh ones look so frightful

take me home oh mudder farder
I'll be blown from here no longer
peat won't burn
it took me time to learn
soon home is where I'll be
and all my family I will see

take me home oh mudder farder
I'll not moan won't raid the larder
here I freeze they say it's just a breeze
it's just I can't see any trees

Wait a minute there's an east wind
bits of drizzle it's now bringing
lots of warblers, chat with blue tail
and with these great bins I'm sure that I will not fail

sun is shining list is growing
now on Fair Isle life is glowing
lots of rare birds gee that's better
mudder farder kindly disregard this letter!


  1. Great to meet you at Sumburgh before you headed off to Fair Isle. I hope your stay there produces many good birds!

    Best wishes and Good Luck in your venture,

    Hugh Harrop & all at Shetland Wildlife

  2. Delighted you finally got to Fair Isle.
    Happy birding and cycling!
    Louise Forsyth

  3. i hope all this has been worth loosing your son and daughter for

  4. Gary, hope all is going well and you're not getting too blown about ....

  5. Dear Alexander,

    Please email to explain what you mean by your comment. I have in no way 'lost' my children and love them dearly. Your comment is hurtful in the extreme. So please get in touch and elucidate and identify yourself.

  6. Dear Hugh,
    It has been a real privilige to meet you, Roger, Paul and Steve in the Sumburgh area. I know I may have been stuck there but it was a fabulous 6 days. What a wonderful area and now I am full of dreams of moving here in the future.
    All the very best to you and thanks for your support,

  7. Well Alex? Don't be shy! Put your comment here if you prefer.