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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A rest but still a Visit - St John's Primary School Kenilworth

OK, I know I've not been able to do the blog for the last ..... few days! Wales where the mountains stop mobile signals and where the internet is only available to a traveller such as 'moi' in a library only open for a couple of hors a day but I'll detail those missing days after reporting a brilliant visit to a brilliant school in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

St John's Primary School was visited this afternoon and I had the great privilige in meeting both the school's Eco committee and the School Council; 25 children on the lawn outside the school entrance. So what did we do? Well we discussed why the school was an Eco School. "Helps the planet," said the tall Bazza. "Saves energy," so said the Brilliant Betty. Saves money too, added Fiona and "it's fun," said Gertie, short for Gertrude but may I say that these are not the childrens' real names - just a bit of fun with the kids and they know who they are.

Next we had 'Gladys' find Sid the rainforest frog and she hopped around the lawn demonstrating the way she thought he moved. 'Bill' showed her the proper way, with him pretending to climb a rainforest tree.

Rainforests were discussed and then climate change before they all made the Eco Promise.

So thanks Mrs Wilford, children and staff of St John's. Good luck with the Green Flag.

OK Porridge on tele - will write more when I've watched it. Still the best sitcom.

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