Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 9 April 2010

Clydach & Llanelli WWT reserve Tuesday 6th April 2010

Remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? The one with a view of the Canyon of the Crescent Moon. Well that's the shape of the RSPB reserve at Clydach. OK it wasn't as hot and the trees get in the way of the geology but with a bit [lot] of imagination that's what you've got.

I was down the bottom following the excelent track around the whole of the reserve. Dippers [5] and grey wagtails [7] were the best as the migrants haven't arrived yet but I photographed the mosses and scenes, with a red cup-like fungus to look up.

Over to the WWT reserve at Llanelli, a day early but like Slimbridge a couple of weeks ago, I just had to get there. Well worth it too and maybe this is the best WWT reserve for natural habitats and birds. Maybe not the ge. se numbers but for the areas created over the spoils of industry and farmland it's fabulous. Today I looked around the eastern area with reedbeds, sallow slacks and pools, islands and black poplar woodlands. Lots of willow warblers, chiffs and blackcaps, as well as good numbers of sand martins and swallows. Saw both a bank vole, ignoring me as I sat on a gate and also a water vole swimming down a channel oblivious to me. The water vole was swimming - not the bank vole. More great people to meet here; Nigel the manager and Eleanor the office manager. Both welcoming and wonderful.

Now come on if you haven't been get down there and find some good birds. Families - get down there and get on the bikes [you can get a bike for free to cycle around the reserve], explore the water vole tunnels, feed the ducks and take a wild canow ride. Brilliant place!

Met the local 'Last of the Summer Wine' crew but this had over 10 members, not 3. Thanks Wendell, good to meet you. Greenshank, spotted redshank, a spoonbill and a couple of wheatear on the western scrapes and more willow warblers. Indeed I counted over 60 willow warblers during the morning.

Oh dear time to go. Using the internet at libraries is problematical and I can't seem to get the time to catch up to today [Friday 9th]. Almost there but a couple of exciting adventures coming up to get me over to Grassholm. More details next week.

Have a great 'Spring at Last' weekend everyone,




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  1. HI Gary, sorry I haven't been in touch recently. Things more than a little hectic at work and therefore not much time even for birding (hence my lowly position in the Upton year-list table!) Good to see things are still going to plan and that there are plenty of birdds to be seen, along with other wildlife and sites of interest. Enjoy Grassholm, that should be an interesting journey!