Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 9 April 2010

OK It's a bit late but this was last Monday KENFIG NNR 5th April 2010

Down the hill to Kenfig and a first visit for me here since the redhead a few years ago. My first visit there was in 1988 to see my first peid billed grebe. Memories of good birds and a fabulous visit, for a birder, ahead. One who visits the centre is greeted with two of the most lovely people anyone could wish to meet and they were no different for me. Thanks for the bananas!

Down to the first hide with a good number of willow warblers fresh in after a morning of heavy drizzle. Blackcaps, chiffs and cettis in the same area but the number of willow warblers was impressive; seemingly on every bush edging the pool.

Met a fabulous couple to whom every bird was 'cool' and new - Hello Nathan and Jan. Now how did Nathan meet such a cracking girl? How can they have a honeymoon in Peru and on Galapagos. Now that's a way to start a birding marriage. Hope the Bill Oddie book helps you both but I hope you realise that it's mostly tongue in cheek. [BOLBBB] Birders aren't like that really - we're worse.

Left the reserve after exploring the dunes down to the sea, noticing extensive scraping of dune slacks for the rare orchids to be found there, and rode to Eglwys Neuedd, a large concrete bowl of a reservoir just along the M4, not that I went that way to get there. My reward was very close views of a female lesser scaup, a male greater scaup [188] and a male ring-necked duck.

Is this area of Wales the take away place or not? Masses of Chinese TAs, fish and chips emporiums, pizzas; they were everywhere. So what does one do - join them and I had a small fish and chips with a pineapple fritter. [rivetting stuff this blog!]

Camped in a field near Glais, ready to find the RSPB reserve at Clydach the next day.

When will Spring be here?

Best to all,


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