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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Another Fabulous School Visit in Kenilworth - Priors Field Primary 22nd April 2010

Back to Kenilworth today for an afternoon visit and what a brilliant class of children. Year 6 and the famous Mrs Butler, with late arrival of an equally famous Mrs Palmer. Once again children's names aren't quite what they may be but their response to my visit was lovely, with lots of fun.

So what answers did I get this time to the question - 'What do you do in Eco Schools at Priors Field?'

Gladys - "We turn off all of the computers when we're not using them."

Gromit - "We turn off lights too."

Loretta - "We grow plants."

Jelly - "We recycle paper and water [?]"

A lovely girl named after a place of worship acted out a rainforest frog enthusiastically and nearly every child contributed to a great afternoon.

Now the children have promised to do all they can to help our planet and here's hoping that the school gets their silver award soon - they deserve it.

So thanks children and especially Mrs Butler for letting me visit.

Great school - great day.

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