Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Saturday 21st November 2009

Saturday and I'm at school. Only 40 days to go before I set off on my round the RSPB/WWT trip and I've got to empty the classroom of all my papers, magazines and such like. All to be reused by the children or recycled of course.
Strange to be in school bymyself; listening to my favourite rock music and drinking nettle tea.

Biking Birder 2010 is coming along but another sleepness night thinking about it all.

Sandwell Valley January 1st. I wonder if everyone about to embark on a life-changing mssion feels this way; a mixture of excitement and terror!

Is everything organised - is it thump! Wouldn't be me if it was. Still a problem with my website, hopefully sorted tomorrow and the car batteries so flat it wouldn't start this morning. I'd wanted to get all the school recycling maters, cardboard, plastic etc into it for a visit to the local Tescos recycling centre.

Right back to the music and the papers.

All the best everyone,



  1. Hi Gary, hope all is going well and you havent fallen off your bike yet!!! due to the ice. the score of the villa and the french scum was 3-0 to the scum . Write again soon. Take Care
    Sam Baker & family

  2. Hi Sam!! Love to you all.

    I've just seen your comments today [24th January] - sorry i missed it before.

    Now how did the French get on today. The Potters got you good and proper.

    Down to Dungeness tomorrow. Loving every minute of the trip and have only needed the First Aid kit once. Badly scraped the shin when I fell off. Better now.

    Love to everyone in 4.1 - ask Olivia if she's got any spare Wembley tickets!

    All the very best

    Mr [Gary] Prescott