Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 20 November 2009

20th November 2009 41 days to go

Hello there.

This blog has just opened today and I hope that you will find it and return to see how i'm doing as my project for next year takes shape. Over the next few days I'll tell you a bit about myself but first let me tell you what I'm going to be doing next year.

In 2010, starting on January the First, I am going to cycle to every RSPB and WWT nature reserve; that's over 190 of them from Kent to Cornwall, Shetland to Ireland.

I am going to do this because I am very aware of what the predictions are for climate change and I wish to do my bit to help stop it from happening. The scenarios for our future in the UK is dire, let alone what other parts of the world are going to suffer if we don't all do something about it.

Watch Age of Stupid - the wonderful film now out on DVD and available at all good internet outlets [Amazon for instance] to see what I mean.

OK so I am a birder too. I want to break Chris Mills' record for how many bird species seen in the UK by cycling only.

More details tomorrow.....

Meanwhile if you have any thoughts, advice, etc then please email me at

All the best people...

Gary Prescott The Biking Birder 2010

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