Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Monday, 23 November 2009

Monday 23rd November Back to another school day and Biking Birder 2010 news

A day at school, and fun with a rehearsal of a 1980's musical laced nativity with the children.

Email from Gemma at the RSPB talking about an article in Guardian and a film to be made about the project at school next week. All exciting stuff.

Greenbirding - Bigbying's website have been in touch over next years bike ride and information has been sent to them. I know that they will be covering everything over this side of the pond and I look forward to hearing from the many BIGBY people around the World. My best wishes go out to all of them. Keep it up.

Problems over the website are coming to a close, so it seems. Now its the font and photo size and the page size that need sorted. Still it'll be done asap and then watch things take off, which considering next year's project is a bit of a pun.

Time to go, back to the little caravan I call home. Watching David Attenborough's State of the Planet DVD tonight.

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