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Friday, 18 June 2010

Happy Birthday to Me 2 - Isle of Man

If you go on holiday to the Isle of Man then don't miss seeing the cafe/restaurant at The Sound, overlooking the Calf of Man. Luckily for me I was there on Tuesday the 15th of June with the sun setting and the sea very calm. Fabulous sunset, best of the year - so far.

Had met a lovely gentleman who worked as the cricket professional at the nearby King William's independent school at Castletown in the morning. Originally from Accrington, Lancs he'd coached david 'Bumble' Lloyd and guess what we talked about for half an hour or so?

Also had been for a swim at the Castletown baths. 50 lengths and a hot shower. talked with a local girl who, with her husband runs a Physics education software company - Furry elephant [ ]. Just been on their blog and learnt a few things!

Explored St Mary's and even lay on the beach at St Erin's in the hot sunshine reading my latest book - Boy in the Blitz by Colin Perry.

Back to The Sound. What a fabulous view to be had from a seat in the cafe. A superb vista seen through large tinted windows. Treated myself to coffee and carrot cake and watched the sunset develop.

Met a cartoonist/artist, John Hancox from Rugby Warwickshire with his son, Warren. He gave me 2 sets of his brilliant motorcyling comedy postcards. Great postcards. [ ]

Great place to watch choughs with a family of 5 flying around and a couple of other pairs. Grey seals too on the rocks here and some auks tazzing around.

Had felt a little down this afternoon; wll not down as such but aimless having no reserve or bird as a target but this place had set me right back on track. [as had singing 'positive thinking' by Morecambe and Wise!]

Almost caught up - lunch break!!!

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