Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

An evening with Sid & a shy ring-necked duck - Oxford Island, nr Lurgan Lough Neagh

A quick visit to the doctors in Lurgan and a few inhalers for my asthma got. Then got to Oxford Island and had a lovely evening with Sid Irwin. We searched for the American ring-necked duck that had been around for the last few days but it wasn't in front of any of the hides. A beautiful reserve this with a wonderful centre and excellent facilities. The buzzer flies didn't bite so no problem there. Sid and I walked around the whole of the area and the views over Lough Neagh reminded me of Florida; immense lake and so beautiful with a setting sun. Around 8.30pm Sid left and I went around the visitor's centre to look over the lake from the long pier there. It was from here that i saw that the ring-necked was in front of the first hide that we'd visited. Back to it, shut but views of the bird could be had through the reeds. My third ring-necked drake this year but my first for Northern Ireland. Closest one of the three too but it didn't come to bread!

At last, my run of bad luck is over and a good bird under my belt [utb].

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