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Thursday, 12 May 2011

12th May 2011 - Donations Still Coming in

And sincere thanks to those people who have made donations.

So thank you to :-

Andrew Appleton - for Asthma UK.

Avis Cropper - for Asthma UK

William Oddie OBE! - for Asthma UK. [recognise the name folks!?]

Terry Hinnett - for Asthma UK

Andrew Pitt - for Asthma UK

James Fiddock - RSPB

Phil Andrews - RSPB

Bubo Bubo - RSPB

Thank you - you wonderful people!

I'm now colelcting all of the information about the Green Big Day event to send off to Simon in Calfornia. To be honest I've been thrilled with everyone's efforts and lists. I know that next year we can make it an even bigger event but can I ask you to email me at  if you have any thoughts and comments about it? Thanks.

Personally I would like to see a designated weekend or day instead of the two weeks that Simon suggests. I feel that would give it more of a focus.

So my next blog will have details of that and I've still got to tell everyone about how I enjoyed a fabulous birding holiday in Turkey this Easter.

All the best everyone

Stay Green - or at least start being so!

Gary xx

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