Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Thanks to Andy Revell and family. February 2nd 2010

Explored the countryside just north of Hayward's Heath yesterday afternoon. Saw 4 foxes in the space of half an hour and was interviewed by Alelia on radio Delta.

Now here I must say a huge thank you to Andy and Jane Revell who put me up and fed me a beautiful curry last night. I enjoyed every minute of the stay and am very grateful to the pair of you. Thanks. [Also thanks to their children Georgina and Jonty]

Andy was a teacher at a secondary school named Coppice High in Wolverhampton at the same time I was there as a science teacher. Great to catch up with him again.

Lewes Brooks RSPB reserve this morning. Lucky to find it as the area of marshy fields was massive and a walk out from a fishing pools area brought a small green bridge by a dyke and there was a small, smaller than A4 sized notice - Lewes Brooks RSPB reserve.

Sat on the same bridge to look at what birds were there. C.20 shovelor, c.100 wigeon, c.250 lapwing, 2 snipe, c.25 dunlin, many gbb/lbb/h and c gulls with just a few BH gulls. Also 4 cormorants and a grey heron. saw 2 water rail in a ditch. reminded me of the little crake that I dipped on many years ago at reasonably nearby Cuckmere Haven. A mega dip day with Jason Oliver, Alex Barter and Richard Southall. How excited they were as we came down the hill from Seaford. The crake had been feeding from the hand all week. We got there - no sign of it - gone. Then on to see the red-breasted goose on the north Kent coast. Alex, Richard and I saw it amongst a large group of brents. Jason couldn't see it and as I stood up the whole lot flew off! Sorry Jas'.

How many birding incidents is my trip reminding me of? Loads and most of them have more successful outcomes than the one described above.

Right time to get to the Sluggies Hostel in Brighton. Need food and drink. So . . . .

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All the best

Gary                 year list 122.

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