Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Chichester Schools and Bracklesham Bay Days

Awoke in a panic, not too unusually. Where was Oakwood School? The first school visit and I didn't know where it was. Ran to Tesco Express and a little help, every little does and a phone call of 'where are you?' "not far from Chichester," came the reply and a cycle ride eventually found the school entrance; only the drive down to the actual school seemed longer than the ride to the entrance. Oakwood, a Prep' school in the middle of lovely wooded parkland set around a large Georgian house.

Bird feeders outside a classroom and eco projects growing, a school on it's way to a green flag. Meanwhile a coffee and a wait outside counting the birds, great-spot woodpeckers, 2; green woodpecker, 1; long-tailed tits, 7; nuthatch etc and then an assembly with lovely, enthusiastic children and then another coffee in the library before leaving for Jessie Young Husband School not too far away.

Another assembly and then a tour of the school with children who were extremely proud of their eco work and why not? They'd got a smashing sensory garden with maze, composting and bird feeding areas and, as detailed on their website, were collecting plastic bottles to make a greenhouse. I've just seen that my assembly and visit are mentioned on the school's home page and unfortunately a photo has been added.

Time for birding .....

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  1. Hi Gary, my name is sara. I'm an RSPB volunteer at Weymouth doing media work. Is there any chance of getting in touch with you ahead of your visit to Lodmoor and Radipole for a chat? Perhaps a phone call to our reserve manager Nick Tomlinson on 01305 773519 or our information manager Luke Phillips on 01305 778313? Good luck with your fantastic trip.