Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Plans - Let's Go Green.

The last few weeks have been the toughest I've had for many years. Illness has hit and fitness has gone, hopefully temporarily. The British National Health service have been amazing and i can't praise them enough.

It's making me determined though to change my future and get back on the bike!

It's wonderful to look now on the internet and see how the Green Birding movement is growing, albeit slowly but grow it most definitely is.

Now Scott Smithson, a wonderful Green Birder, is planning an Autumn Big Green day. Got to get back on the bike to take part in that.

Personally I've got a new bike and will be birding my local patch more often without using fuel, other than bananas. Upton Warren, Worcestershire England is a fabulous small reserve with salt water habitats, which when you consider the fact that the nearest seawater is over 100 miles away. Recently though the appalling British Summer, in stark contrast to last year's drought, has dealt a cruel blow by washing away a number of Little ringed plover chicks. the same storm that brought down a month's rain in 45 minutes also had me stuck in my car in a flood with the water inside the car rising to almost seat level. Out through the window and wading took me to dry land.

The same weather has given the reserve a record number of Meditterranean gulls though with 10 of them being seen together. The previous record of the species for Worcestershire was 4. The sight of so many of this most wonderful of gull is reward to the many dedicated and brilliant volunteers who work so hard on the site.

Now if any European Green Birders could get in touch over their Green efforts I'd be so grateful as reading of like minded birders would really help me in my present predicament. Does anyone know for instance how i could get in touch with Laurent Raty of Belgium. i met a couple of birder whilst twitching a western sandpiper who told me that he now holds the European Green Birding year List record.

Now there's a thought! What to do next. Create or break some Green Birding records.

Now that sounds good.

Watch this space.

All the best Green Birders and please get in touch.



  1. Hi Gary,

    Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Hope you are feeling better and getting back to full strength. Still being as green as I can manageover here. Not been out of the 10km square really yet this year and my allotment list is growing - six Beeeaters on foot from home, while putting in my summer cabbages is the highlight so far!Laurent is on Bird Forum so you get in touch with him there.

    Albert still doing well...


  2. Ho Tim. Sorry it has been so long. I'm much better now and looking forward to the future again.
    Thanks for saying that Laurent is on facebook. I'll have a go at fiinding him there.
    All the very best and thanks again,

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