Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Monday, 22 November 2010

Titchwell RSPB Reserve

Many, many thanks to Steve and Ann of Hunstanton for the bed and food. Also for the company at Ticthwell.

Whilst saying thank you, many thanks to ANTON HUNKA,  friend of my brother Paul who has helped my cause. Very much appreciated Anton. Thanks!

Saturday 20th November

Arrived at Titchwell early in the morning with thick fog and limited views. Met Steve and Ann and walked to the Fen Hide. A chiff was amongst the bushes here.

A coffee break and the fog had lifted when we came out of the cafe. 74 species seen during a whole day visit; excepting a look for a reported Tundra bean goose. That wasn't seen but the pink-footed geese flock had 2 whitefronts. Highlights of the visit included a number of marsh harriers and two hen harriers.

Work on the brand new hide along the new sea wall looks to be almost completed and one must admire the fortitude of the workers. It was very cold and there they were atop the roof in the cold north-easterly wind.

Sunday 21st November

A lovely, bubbly, friendly lady; Flo heated my milk for a strong mug of Horlicks to warm me after my cool night sleeping out. She was fabulous and if you want to meet her and say hello, just go in the cafe at Titchwell. She's easily recognisable as her blond hair has many purple highlights. If you do see her, please thanks to her from me.

If one need thawing out in the coming weeks, then go into the cafe and see how many bird species are on the diarama there. Ross' gull and spotted crake are just two to be seen.

Off to Burnham Overy and a long walk along the sea wall looking for the reported rough-legged buzzards. Now I've had some bad luck with this species this year so I was thrilled and grateful to David Bradnum for pointing one out to me. This was after saying that we'd met on Fair Isle a few weeks ago. Also saw John from Lakenheath here. So RL Buzzard on the list, at last and now on 245 for the year. 7 to go.

Cycled around to Holkham Gap, searched for the shore larks to no avail and then went to the Tower Hide. Two barn owls, marsh harriers etc seen. Then whilst on the phone to dad, bemoaning the latest Villa defeat, an adult rough-legged buzzard flew past the hide and landed on a nearby bush. Great bird, a zebra crossing of white/black/white/black - head to belly, belly, tail, terminal band. Superb view of a super bird.

17 little egrets came into roost in an area of trees adjacent to a pool where dozens of cormorants were doing likewise. A small bat flew around the hide too. Must have had his thermals on because I needed mine.

Monday 22nd November

Cycled to Holkham Hall after watching the thousands of pink-feet leave. Barn owl, sparrowhawks, marsh harriers and kestrel seen before doing so.

Walked around the Hall's grounds but no sign of a lesser-spotted woodpecker. Hundreds of fallow deer though and Egyptian geese, including some perched on the branches of a dead tree.

Next to Wells to find two Black Brant on the football pitch there.

Will be cycling to Cley this afternoon and getting nervous because of the weatehr forecast of the next ten days; colder with possible snow showers. Great

27 days to go before I reach Sandy. I wonder if the RSPB will greet me there?

All the best everyone

Why not have a BIGBY New Year?



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