Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 20 August 2010

20th August Grantown on Spey

Well that is where I am now but let's reflect on the last few days.

Wednesday 18th August - Day 230 of the trip.

In the Abernethy Forest, all was very still and quiet as i ate my breakfast. Up and soon cycling around the area hoping for a capercaillie. No such luck but did see two more crested tits after hearing their calls.

Met a lovely family; Becks, Hebe and Jack when photographing an interesting sculpture.


A request for water was replied by an offer of coffee and a chat. What a fabulous place for children to explore; the middle of the forest with tree houses and climbing frames etc. Children went off to school and a local superstar named Harvey came in. He's not so young being 80 but he still climbs trees to place nestboxes for swifts on them. Brilliant idea and successful too.
Becks told of walks across New Zealand and showed off her Orca tooth. Coffee and bread and jam. Wonderful conversation and a real topic for how I've been feeling lately.
Becks, Harvey and Corran

Cycled to Insh Marshes RSPB Reserve, meeting Samantha and Gary from Lochwinnoch again on the way. A beautiful day with occasional sunny spells and little wind. Lovely road skirting woodlands, heather moorland and with views over the valley.

Over a bridge over a waterfall river and eventually found the brand new visitor's centre; an impressive wooden structure with large glass windows overlooking the march from a high vantage point. There's a lovely terrace too atop which had lots [17 plus] black darters on the parapets.
More in a minute.

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