Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Friday, 28 May 2010

In Belfast!!

..... and so much has happened in the last few days. A gut-wrenching double dip involving Seaforth Docks, visits to both the Catholic and Anglican Cathedrals in Liverpool and a ferry ride over to Northern Ireland; all part of the roller coaster of emotions experienced recently.

Imagine, arrive at Seaforth Docks knowing that the only views will be through the iron fencing on the Crosby side. Couldn't see much so asked a guard at the barriers whether it would be possible to go in. Unfortunately no because an American cargo ship had just arrived. Went and caught a train to go on my rest period with my parents. 10 minutes into the journey, whilst passing Runcorn, a text message - Wilson's phalarope at Seaforth. AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!

Return to the 'Pool and the phalarope has gone. Oh well better luck next time. Stay at a wonderful B & B - The Liver View Hotel, 44 Church Road, Wallasey CH44 7BA 0151 639 5723 - and get the ferry to Belfast. Passing the Isle of man - another text - WHITE-TAILED PLOVER  at ...... Seaforth.

Double dip.

Oh well.

Stop crying and enjoy Belfast. Black guillemots in the harbour, eider too - feel better. Beautiful double rainbow in the sunny rain shower. - Feel even better.

Met Stephanie from the RSPB in a pub, together with many other wonderful RSPB people. They were saying goodbye to a colleague leaving for Australia. Me a gatecrasher with his first pint of Irish Guiness. Actually couldn't have been made more welcome and many thanks to all there.

B & B - Roseleigh Guest House - 02890644414 - superb accomodation and many thanks to James and Donna.

Now on my way to Belfast Lough RSPB reserve and so excited about the next three weeks in Northern Ireland.

So, thanks to everyone who has made a donation to one of the charities and a special thanks to John White who has made a donation to all 3!

Thanks to all people who I've met.

And thanks to God for teaching me that birding isn't easy and that double dips of Mega proportions will teach me that lesson.

All the best everyone,


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