Setting Off From Sandwell valley

Monday, 11 January 2010

Monday 11th january 2010 Barnes WWT reserve

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If you can offer accommodation anywhere on my route then PLEASE do so. thanks Right .........

* Bird list 2010 - 76 species now, including barn owl, chiff chaff and another bittern.

* Saturday - finally escaped from Hemel Hempstead by wlaking along the canal towpath to Uxbridge, pushing the bike all the way. Said goodbye to the wonderful Richie and Maddy and had a cup of Bovril on a barge with Tim and Amber, with their 3 dogs, Lady, Muffin and ... can't remember.
A barn owl was seen just north of the bridge under the M/A 40. Police at Uxbridge helped me get a B & B and a £5 donation into the RSPB tin.

* Sunday - At last on the bike, now unladen and a ride to hedgerley to see the RSPB reserve there called Church Wood. Photograph at the entance to Pine wood Studios by a recent visitor from Kabul. "What do you think of the situation there?" - ****ed up the reply.
Met Jean and Doug, with their dog Sidney and had chips and sarnies in the local pub. Many thanks to them for such a treat. I even took a doggie bag from here for later consumption. Said goodbye to have a go at sledging on the hill. Eventually looked around Church wood and saw a female roe deer, green and great spot woodpeckers and some titmice. Lots of deep snow and lots of deer tracks. Cycle back to the same B & B in Uxbridge after a stop for tooth ache remedy in the town centre - it's agony!

* now for today. London roads are great for cyclists as there are lots of cycle ways along the major roads. Soon-ish got to the Wetland Centre at Barnes and met Brenda, Evy [a half-French girl with no French] and John who kindly showed me around. A Photographer from the local paper had me in reed beds and on the bike.
Cycled to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben before reaching St Paul's YHA, my accommodation for the next two nights. The last time I stayed here was for Charles and Diana's wedding. I can even see the exact spot that my fiance at the time, Joy, and I stood and where we met Spike Milligan and harry Secombe as they got out of a taxi. Beatiful glimpse of the cathedral from the reception room.


  1. 'A photographer from the local paper had me in reed beds and on the bike'! Ooer missus!!

  2. True, but couldn't resist!